Auntie's Care Co.

Chantelle (Auntie) is phenomenal! More than I could have asked for. The attention to detail, demeanor, and dedication to the highest quality service blew me away. I will be contacting Chantelle for all future visits for my dogs. I cannot say enough positive things! She will be part of the pack for life!
— Sara, Webster, NY
(Dog mom of five)

Auntie's years of experience, compassion for both animals and humans and the best balance of professionalism and empathy all contribute to providing the most caring and responsible pet care in the Greater Rochester, NY area

Vacation for you means stay-cation for your pet with Auntie!

Your pets and your home become Auntie’s number one priority during your booking.

Work with Auntie to create a schedule that is closest to your pet’s regular schedule.

Light house work and “weekly chores” can be completed if agreed upon at the time of booking.

You've booked your trip - time to book Auntie's Care Co.!

We understand everyone involved needs to feels comfortable, confident and well informed. That's why we require a free meet and Greet where we will address any questions you may have and discuss the details of the service you are interested in.


We all need a break, including your doggo!

Our 30 min Visits can provide potty breaks, replenishment of food and/or water and quality time with your pet as you see fit.

Great for puppies or elderly dogs that need an extra break during the day.

Booking packages (with discounts) are available!

Give yourself a break while Auntie gives your doggo one, too!

A bit about Auntie's Care Co.

Priority #1: Making sure that our client’s family’s are taken care of the best way possible no matter what and to the exact specifications agreed upon at the time of booking.

Auntie's Care Co.’s pricing is competitive and reasonable for the complete care and commitment given to every family.

Rates are calculated according to specific details involved such as location, care needed and service requested.

Let Auntie’s Care Co. take them for a walk. You’ve had a long day. It’s okay!

Let's talk about a walk!

You deserve the piece of mind of knowing they’re getting the exercise they need.

Auntie’s Care Co.’s 30 min walks are a great way to ensure your furbaby gets the exercise they need to maintain a happy, healthy and well-balance life.

Always on-leash walks.

Perfect for high energy dogs or a dog that simply needs to stay active.

A bit more about Auntie's Care Co

We do not typically charge “per pet”. A pack is a pack, not an itemized list. We value our client’s and their families and look at them as members of OUR pack - not a way to become “rich” monetarily.

ACC's schedule fills up fast for dates surrounding holidays however rates do not change for high demand time frames.

We get it!

Leaving your furbaby can be stressful. We completely understand! Auntie has hired others for all three services Auntie's Care Co. provides (Overnights, Visits and Walks) herself.

That’s how Auntie knows all the do’s and don’ts of the industry!


She (Auntie) is the best! I can tell thru all of the pics and videos she sends every time that she loves my dogs as much as we do! perfect.
— Samantha, Henrietta, NY
(Pet parent of four)
Auntie never hesitated to take care of my 170lb Great Dane, Dave. By the videos she has sent me I can tell she loves my big guy. 20/10 would recommend to a friend - and I have!
— Ian, Rochester, NY
(Pet parent of one...the size of five)
We love her and my babies do too! Never having to stress over leaving my babies and my home is a total game changer for my family while we're away.
— Jim, Greece, NY
(Pet parent of two)

Auntie's very own!

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